Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technology can Always be Incorporated

As this semester comes to a close, I find myself immersed with a huge assorment of new technology to use. From new software, applications, and web tools, I am loaded with a bunch of ideas I want to enact in the classroom all at once! However, I know this is not practical and also not smart. What I have come to realize with technology tools is one must first truly mess around with the application, learn the ins and outs, and master it's function before implementing it full fledge into the classroom. I believe applications such as blogging are wonderful for the classroom, but I know there is work that must be done before implementing it. For example, in order to get successful, positive results from blogging, students must know where, how, and why they are doing it. Once students and teachers over come the "how to" aspect of an application, it truly can serve it's purpose. As an educator that specializes in technology, it is my goal to introduce at least one new program/application to my students each year that they have never been exposed to. I want to continue to educate my students so they can be the tech literates of tomorrow.
One of my favorite finds this past week is Puppy Cam. Just so happens we were learning about conduction as a way of transferring thermal heat energy. Now, is this not an example of conduction at it's finest!?
Puppy Cam

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